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Why AirDoctor?

  • 100 times more effective UltraHEPA filter
  • Dual action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filter
  • Auto-mode guards your indoor air quality
  • Quiet performance
  • 100% sealed system

Do you also want to breathe pure and clean air in your own home?

Removes 100% of airborne particles as small as 0.003 microns | Filters 75 m2 3 times p/h (ceiling height 2.65m) | UltraHEPA filter™ | Max. 59 dB | Plug and play | User friendly | €495

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Indoor air can be up to 100x more polluted than outdoor air

Most of the particulate matter comes from outside, but 80% of the ultrafine particles is inhaled in your own home.

The AirDoctor purifier is a compact and all-in-one system which removes 99,99% particles in the air. This complete set offers all you need to start filtering your air straight away. It’s easy to install, use and maintain. Within minutes you’re ready to enjoy absolutely pure and clean air in your home.

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Capture the contaminants you can't see

AirDoctor captures 100% of airborne particles, as small as 0.003 microns, and the vast majority of VOC’s.

As an osteopath I know the importance of clean air for the strength, balance and recovery of the human body. My practice is located in the Ruhrgebiet in Germany. A place with a lot of heavy industry. I want to be absolutely sure that my clients breathe clean and pure air when they are in my practice. I chose the AirDoctor because it is the only air purifier that has proven to remove all pollution from the air based on independent scientific research.

I know I sound like a broken record but honestly your customer service is just fantastic: I never get stressed when typing out an e-mail to you as I know that your replies will always be complete, comprehensive/detailed and intelligent.

I was looking for some really efficient way to clean my indoor air for a while. Living in Paris, where the outdoor air is really not the best and knowing that most of the time our indoor air is even WORSE. I wanted to buy the AirDoctor for a long time but it was not yet available in Europe; so as soon as it came; I jumped on it . I am VERY satisfied. It is easy to handle, very silent, very efficient, I am less tired, less headaches etc. I love the fact that it indicates the air quality and works on it at the same time. My sons family is living in an even more polluted area of Paris than we are and he has one too now; We are really happy with our AirDoctor!

Pure and clean air every day?

Take out 99,99% of contaminants in the air | Filters 75 m2 3 times p/h (ceiling height 2.65m) | UltraHEPA filter

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